The week that was…

In the week ending 2nd October, what stole the financial headlines?

The battle between the West and Islamic State militants intensified. Backed by a number of Middle Eastern states, the US-led air campaign gained additional backing as both the Australian and Canadian governments pledged military support. Canada’s government has promised CF-18 fighter jets and refuelling and surveillance aircraft. Meanwhile, the anti-Islamic State movement gained further traction as Turkey, thus far reluctant to take a frontline role against the militants, signalled it may send troops into Syria or Iraq and let allies use its air bases. Elsewhere, positive US jobs data raised the possibility of an early interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve. September’s job report showed the unemployment rate had fallen to 5.9%, its lowest level since August 2008.

Headline Hotlist & World/ Asset Returns Source: The BNY Mellon Investment Strategy and Solutions Group (“ISSG”) as at 03/10/14. ISSG is part of The Bank of New York Mellon.

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