Tobacco: a slow-burn success story?

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For all the challenges the industry has faced tobacco has remained attractive for investors. Now, in the face of ongoing litigation, a crack-down on advertising, smoking bans, and even plain packaging, the industry is reinventing itself through new heat-not burn and vaping products.

We continue to believe these could create an inflection point for the industry, offering a route out for smokers looking to quit harmful combustible cigarettes but also allowing tobacco companies to build new revenues with products that are less detrimental to health.

Should they succeed we see tobacco producers continuing at the apex of a market where competition is limited and where profitability consequently remains extremely robust. In our bull-case scenario, smokers will consider the risk/reward dynamics of their habit and decide to migrate en masse to next-generation products. The significantly reduced harm of these new products keeps them in the category – meaning the combined volumes of combustibles and next-generation products stabilise or even rise.

Amy Chamberlain – global analyst. Newton, a BNY Mellon company

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