The week that was…

In the week ending 24th July, what stole the financial headlines?

A week on from the downing of a Malaysian airliner over Eastern Ukraine, the blame-game was in full flow with the West quick to point the finger at Russia for its continued interference in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the West announced plans for a further raft of economic sanctions on Russia. Elsewhere, there was no let-up in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and, as the death toll rose, John Kerry, US secretary of state, travelled to the region in an effort to broker a ceasefire between the two factions. In other news, there was a focus on hedge funds which, while currently the victims of low market volatility, are being tipped to shine as and when the US Federal Reserve chooses to increase interest rates.

Headline Hotlist & World/ Asset Returns Source: The BNY Mellon Investment Strategy and Solutions Group (“ISSG”) as at 25/07/14. ISSG is part of The Bank of New York Mellon.

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