Out with the old: shocking stats on the need for a US infrastructure boost

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The devastating impact of the 2017 US hurricane season raised timely questions about US national infrastructure in the face of an increasingly uncertain climate. Hurricane damage in southern states, such as Florida and Texas, shone a spotlight on the resilience of key utilities, such as power grids, and highlighted the need to improve safety after decades of under investment in transportation, public buildings, water treatment systems and other forms of vital infrastructure.

Infrastructure renewal was a cornerstone of President Donald Trump’s election campaign but also has almost universal support politically, and we believe much can be achieved. We are particularly positive about the potential to develop new energy infrastructure thanks to the growth in shale energy extraction. The sector faced significant financial pressures from 2014 to 2015 but we think oil and gas pipeline companies can now regroup and drive ahead with major new projects.

Brock Campbell – portfolio manager. The Boston Company Asset Management, a BNY Mellon company

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