Horror on the high street: ‘Experiences over things’ revs up retail apocalypse

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Increasingly we are seeing a trend towards consumers valuing ‘experiences over things’ and this is having an impact on the performance of certain sectors. There have been a string of high street casualties in recent weeks, with a number of household names falling into administration. Other brands have been forced to seek help through Company Voluntary Agreements – arrangements with their creditors usually to try and improve lease terms on stores.

Restaurants are not immune to the squeeze in consumer discretionary spending, so while the growth in the sector may seem counterintuitive compared with headlines seen in recent months, it is in particular mid-market chains that are shrinking. We see greater consumer appetite for healthier eating, informal and experiential dining and an increased focus on food provenance and sustainability.

These trends are not unique to the UK, in the US footwear and apparel sales are also lagging other sectors. We believe these trends will materialise at different paces in different countries but for now the ‘experiences over things’ idea remains very much a developed market phenomenon.

Anna Martinez – fixed income analyst. Newton, a BNY Mellon company

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