Feeling the squeeze: is it crunch time for Generation X?

In some ways Generation X is caught between a rock and a hard place, facing a squeeze from a range of shifting social and demographic factors and financial pressures. From a financial perspective, rising longevity is just one factor, with improvements in technology, science and health provision meaning people are living longer and requiring more and more capital. More specifically, the issue of wealth transfer from the Baby Boomer generation is also becoming increasingly important. In future, Baby Boomers who are already pondering whether to transfer assets to their own children or the next generation of Millennial grandchildren could well opt to do the latter.

Against this backdrop, those in generation X will increasingly need to work out what their long-term financial and retirement requirements are and identify solutions to support this while protecting their existing capital. But, while these people need to be invested to grow their wealth and grow their income in the longer term, their investment choices may not be easy. Annuity rates have fallen in recent years and mainstream investment markets have also seen equity prices become extended over time and returns from bonds become low by historic standards. With other pressures such as inflation looming, a range of other more sustainable and long-term alternative investment options may increasingly come into focus.

Freeman Le Page – investment specialist and SRI client director and Nick Moss, portfolio manager multi-asset team. Newton, a BNY Mellon company


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