Emerging market sell-off: an untimely exit?

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There is no doubt emerging markets have had a rough run since the start of the year, and it is easy to understand why investors are skittish. Events, such as Italian politics and Trump’s future behaviour on trade, could create negative shocks and are tough to measure or anticipate. However, we think the move away from EM may be premature; our global macro outlook actually supports the asset class.

We expect the main external drivers lead to a reversal of recent trends and bolster EM assets such as local currency debt. While US rates will likely continue moving a bit higher, the bulk of expected Federal Reserve hikes are already priced in forward curves. A relative healthy global growth outlook continues to support commodity prices, an obvious boon to many commodity exporters. Finally, we believe some fundamental drivers for US dollar depreciation remain intact. We also think the dollar is expensive, particularly when considering mounting twin external and fiscal deficits. As the dollar begins to slide, which we expect, it will create a tailwind for the asset class. While we may have to be more patient, we think the asset class will recover and likely post notable returns.

Federico Garcia Zamora – portfolio manager. Standish, BNY Mellon Asset Management North America

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