On the road to an EV future

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At Newton, we are predicting the end of the road for the internal combustion engine as electric vehicles gain traction.

First there is the environmental angle. The European Commission has laid out plans not only to tighten emissions testing for automakers but also to leverage far higher penalties on companies that fail to make the grade. As of 2019, this levy will take the form of a €95 fine per CO2 g/km above the limit for each vehicle produced if the average fleet emission breaches targets. For a company like Volkswagen with 3.65 million units sold in Europe in 2016, even just being three grams above the EC’s emissions target would translate into a €1bn fine.

We also think electric vehicles offer numerous benefits over petrol or diesel engine cars. For one thing, they have fewer moving parts which makes them far more reliable and cheaper to maintain. They are also potentially safer and, as anyone who has test driven a Tesla can testify, they can offer a fun driving experience with 100% of torque available at 0rpm.

In our view, it’s not a question of if but when EVs overtake their fossil fuel counterparts.

Mathieu Poitrat Rachmaninoff, Newton

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