Brazil’s economy rises above the political storm

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In our view, the extraordinary thing about Latin America’s largest economy is not the political turmoil that has more or less been par for the course in recent years – but rather the country’s resilience in the face of such upheavals. Far from hitting the buffers, the economy continues to make headway, while capital inflows have remained steady. Year-to-date, for example, Brazilian equities returned 21.1%, while over 12 months the return has been 24.6%. This compares well with both developed market equities (the UK, for instance, returned 11.8% year-to-date and over 12 months) and many other emerging market countries (Colombia, for example, with 14.4% year-to-date and 11.0% over 12 months)[1].

Two things have helped steady the ship. First, timely action from the Central Bank of Brazil brought inflation under control. Second, a reform programme under the auspices of Henrique Meirelles, finance minister, has done enough to give investors confidence in Brazil’s forward trajectory. Here, a key step is a plan to overhaul the country’s generous pensions system. Should Congress approve the plan, this should help address Brazil’s budget deficit and provide a boost to the economy.

Rogério Poppe – ARX, a BNY Mellon company

[1] FTSE All World Index, US$ as at 31 August 2017

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