Brazil prepares to pass judgement on Dilma’s economic record

With the first round of Brazilian general election this weekend, President Dilma Rousseff looks in real danger of losing out. With a dubious economic record since she assumed power on 1 January 2011, Dilma has been criticised for interventionist policies which, while beneficial to vast swathes of the population in the short term, have hamstrung the economy in the long term. She, by contrast, has blamed the negative effects of crises abroad and a faltering global economy.

The electorate goes to the polls on 5 October. If no candidate gains more than 50% of the vote, a second round run-off will be held on 26 October.

Once the election question has been settled would you be more or less inclined to invest in Brazil? Join the debate and let us know your thoughts using the comment button below.

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