Bearish on Russia?

Confidence has fallen but investors still see opportunity

Russia has been under stress because of the situation in the Ukraine and because of the falling oil price – and clearly, as shown by the data above, this has affected the short-term outlook for growth.

But, taking a longer term view, we believe it’s possible to look beneath the headlines to uncover hidden value. In Russia, for example, on a corporate level, we’ve recently identified several opportunities where we believe corporate debt has been oversold and a re-pricing is overdue. One area of interest is companies whose assets or revenues are in dollars and who therefore benefit from a decline in the rouble.

For us, the failure of the market to drill down beneath the surface to recognise these opportunities is part of the attraction. By targeting unloved or out-of-favour areas we aim to capture a long-term structural premium. That’s one of the reasons Russia remains an exciting place to invest.

Robert Simpson – Insight, a BNY Mellon company

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